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Art of Massage


Treat yourself to any of our massage treatments, and experience relaxation & well-being. 



Advanced Teeth Whitening

"A smile is worth a thousands words"


Reiki, Acupuncture & Cupping

Reiki: Get your inner spirit balanced & energy centers aligned with this natural healing modality that works with your body's energy bio-field. Acupuncture & cupping- Traditional Chinese Medicine


       Facials, Lashes, Microblading, Waxing, Threading

"Revitalize the Beauty within YOU"




Escape and discover the Lounge! We are a wellness center for your Mind, Body, and Spirit!  As a  Small-Veteran owned business, we pride ourselves on providing exceptional services by our professional and courteous staff.  Our therapists are trained in mulitiple modalities, have their unique touch and healing techniques. We have over 65 years in experience.
The Lounge was created to provide the community with higher quality, affordable wellness alternatives in a unique setting that instills a sense of peace and relaxation.  Our mission is to bring balance, serenity and well-being to everyone who enters The Lounge.


Celebrate YOU! Why wait? It's ME time!


Gift Certificates are Available




Bianca, Cheryl, Leslie, Jessie, Samantha,  Dr. Marini and Bobby.

The Lounge Team





                                                                       "We support our Local Warriors"

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